The Migration Out of Mormonism


​You are not alone. Thousands of Latter-day Saints leave the Mormon Church each year. When they do they undergo experiences and challenges much like an immigrant moving from one country to another. This transition produces emotional stresses, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, as well as doctrinal questions.


Transitions was created to help those leaving Mormonism who are still interested in Jesus but want to explore this in a different way. It is a network of support that includes small groups, connections with others making the journey, and a video and workbook guide. The multimedia material can be used in a variety of settings, from an individual in their home, to a group of friends or family meeting somewhere, to small group meetings in churches or elsewhere. It includes six video sessions on DVD and a workbook that introduces and discusses key issues transitioners face on their journey. 


Section I: Migration – Identity, Relationships & Church Culture

1. Identity – Finding new individual and collective identity

2. Relationships – Friends, loved ones, marriage, and children issues

3. Church Culture – Sorting out new church culture


Section II. Doctrine and Worldview Issues

4. “Where did I come from?:” God’s Grand Story

5. “Why am I here?:” The mission of the community of God

6. “Where am I going?:” Life in the new heavens and new earth


Steps in Your Journey

How should you proceed and use the Transitions network to help you with your journey?


First, get your copy of the Transitions video and workbook. You can do that by visiting the PURCHASE page.  There you will find a preview of the first chapter of the video. Once you receive the materials you can begin watching the video and working through the workbook, reflecting on the insights they present and how they can be helpful as you continue your journey.


Second, get into a Transitions small group. This difficult journey is much easier to make when it is done alongside others. Whenever possible you should work through Transitions in a small group. Visit our SMALL GROUPS page to see if one of the groups listed meets near you. If so you can contact them and get started. If you are in an area without a small group you can CONTACT US for help in getting a group started. Chances are that others are near you who could benefit from a group that you might start.

We commend you for the courage to make the journey of emigration out of Mormonism. There is hope as Transitions has been helpful to many who have shared their WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT. We look forward to being of service to you, to getting to know you, and to walking alongside you in your journey. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.




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